The Real War on Women Occurred at IRS


Obama is all about dividing people into groups.
Check it out:

Folks, let’s talk about the War on Women for just a second, because the real War on Women was not involving Mitt Romney. The real War on Women had nothing to do with conservatives or contraception or birth control or abortion or any of that. That was entirely manufactured. The real War on Women was occurring at the IRS. The real War on Women was the IRS and the Obama regime denying tax-exempt status to 527s and Tea Party groups. And I’m telling you, many of those were headed by women at the leadership level.

By the way, it was Obama’s half-brother, Abongo Malik Obama who was granted a tax exemption for his charity, which was called the Barack H. Obama Foundation. He was granted tax-exempt status within less than a month, but there was a bonus. His tax-exempt status was made retroactive two years prior because he had been collecting donations illegally for two years prior to having been granted tax-exempt status. I’m not making this up. Obama’s half-brother, Abongo Malik Obama, got a tax exempt grant for his foundation in less than a month, and they made it retroactive when they found out he had been collecting money as a tax-exempt foundation illegally for two years.

So the IRS said, “Okay, well, we’ll legalize you here, and we’re going to give you your tax-exempt status, and we’re gonna date it back two years so that everything you’ve been doing now is legal.” I don’t know which half-brother this is. Look, at some point you lose the ability to keep track of ’em all. I don’t know if it’s the guy in the hut who finally got out of the hut and started a foundation. I’m just telling you, he’s got a half-brother who for two years was collecting money for the Barack H. Obama Foundation under the guise that it was tax-exempt. He was telling donors that their donations were tax-exempt and all that, and they weren’t. He had not been granted status. He finally was granted status less than a month after he applied and they made it retroactive two years prior so that he wasn’t guilty of anything.



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