The Problem with Modern Journalism


Here’s the main problem: They Lie.
Check it out:

Look, there are other things happening out there in addition to the IRS and Benghazi. We’re all over both, and I want to get into some of these other things because I’ve always had the practice of never being sidelined or deterred. You’ve heard the idea. There’s a theory out there now that the only reason the IRS stuff was acknowledged and admitted to was to cover up Benghazi, to get the press attention off of Benghazi because that’s what’s really damaging.

I’ve had people… Everybody tries to tell me how to do this job every day. Even now, during the break, they’re saying, “Rush! Rush! You’re being buffaloed! You’re being used! You’re talking about this IRS thing! Everybody understands that. Stay focused on Benghazi. You’re falling for the trick!” I’m not falling for any tricks. We cover everything top to bottom, inside and out, sideways to sideways here. That’s why there are other things happening out there that I want to touch on.

For example, Scott Pelley of CBS News, in the midst of receiving an award recently, admitted they don’t get anything right. “CBS’s Scott Pelley at Quinnipiac Luncheon: ‘We Are Getting Big Stories Wrong, Over and Over Again.'” Our buddies at NewsBusters had this story. “Scott Pelley deserves grudging credit for recognizing something obvious at a Friday luncheon in New York. Readers tempted to go beyond that point would be advised to visit the archive of Pelley-related posts at NewsBusters on his brand of so-called journalism…



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