The President’s Non-Answer is an Admission that the White House Knew What the IRS was Doing


One thing liberals are very good at is lying.
Check it out:

Well, I’m gonna tell you what. I think what you just heard is a virtual admission that the White House must have known what the IRS was doing. Now, you’re probably saying, “How do you figure that, Rush?” Well, let me ‘splain it to you. Obama did not answer the question. He was asked whether anyone in the White House knew about what the IRS was doing. What did he say? He answered by assuring that he personally did not know anything about the IG report. He’s talking about the IG report. He didn’t know anything about that.

Sorry, that answer has nothing to do with the question he was asked. And I think that is a virtual admission the White House must have known what the IRS was doing, which dovetails nicely with the fact that the IRS wouldn’t have been doing it at all if it wasn’t okay with the White House. And this, folks, is the primary point. If I could convey anything today, it would be that. What was happening in the IRS was not rogue. What was happening at the State Department and all that with Benghazi, not rogue. What’s going on at the SEC is not rogue. What’s happening at the EPA is not rogue.

In other words, there are not a bunch of rogue, renegade employees acting on their own outside of their authority without anybody’s knowledge. All of this is happening with the sponsorship of Barack Obama. He doesn’t have to call these IRS employees personally. They are hired because they know what’s expected. An Obama donor happened to be one of the people examining applications for tax-exempt status. You don’t get more partisan than that.

This is liberalism, ladies and gentlemen. This is who they are. This is what they do. They don’t need meetings to be told how to oppose conservatives. They don’t need to be taught. That’s already happened at home and in school or in college or wherever. They’re already indoctrinated. They are true believers when they get to the White House. That’s why they’re hired. They’re already activists. They want to work there precisely to do this kind of thing.



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