The Obama Regime DOJ’s Harassment of Fox News Ties into the IRS Attack on Republican Donors


This is how tyrants works.
Check it out:

I just I want to remind you again, folks, that it was the Obama campaign website that targeted all of Romney’s donors. It was Obama’s website that named Romney’s donors and then implied that they were criminal, implied that they were unsavory. That sent the signal to the freak extremists that make up the Democrat Party underground on the Internet to start getting everything into gear. The way it ended up, 15 top Romney donors were audited — 15 of them, folks. Obama, on his campaign website, was constantly demanding that the IRS do what they did.

Obama was doing it in a subtle way.

So many senators were doing it in a subtle way — and Harry Reid wasn’t so subtle, saying that Romney wasn’t even paying his taxes. But all of these Romney donors are being slimed on the Obama campaign website. Of course the immediate purpose then was to have a negative impact on Romney’s campaign to win in 2012, to limit the amount of money, to limit donors, to frighten other donors away. I mean, if Romney donors are being audited before the election, then the objective is to make sure Romney has fewer and fewer people willing to donate to him because they’re afraid of the IRS, which makes total sense.

We literally do have, folks, banana republic-type government going on here. I don’t know how else to describe it. Virtually every aspect of this administration is politically oriented toward eliminating opposition. None of what is publicly seen from this administration is aimed toward governing, and that is a fundamental point. It’s a very key point to understand. This administration is not seen as governing. This administration is constantly on the attack. This administration is constantly attacking somebody.



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