The Narrative: Obama Defeated Al-Qaeda, Islamist Terrorist Acts Aren’t Connected


Liberals are so naive.
Check it out:

Well, I haven’t been watching it but Cookie just sent me a note saying that Obama is out ripping into Bush again. We’re rolling on this, and we’ll have it in due course. But he is making a speech somewhere. He’s talking about Osama Bin Laden and most of his top lieutenants are dead. “The threat has shifted and evolved from one that came to us on 9/11.” What in the world? I’m just catching this. I have no idea what this is about. What is he talking about? (interuption) Okay. Okay. So he’s explaining the drone policy, and he wants to close Gitmo, okay, okay. Justifying closing Club Gitmo. Gotcha.

Yeah, those Al-Qaeda guys, they’re really done, right? Like that guy in England beheaded a guy, and there was an Al-Qaeda — just, yeah, meat cleavers and knives. I’ve got a sound bite about this. Let me find it. I wasn’t gonna do it. I gotta find it. Yeah. Let’s start with number nine.

I wasn’t gonna do this, but since he’s out there saying it’s over with and done with and whatever the problem was, it was because of Bush. Here is last night in London on ITV news, the unidentified terrorist who had just hacked a British soldier to death, spoke to a camera that caught the attack, and this is a portion of what the terrorist said.



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