The Media Will Not Turn on Obama


Since most of the press are liberals this shouldn’t be a surprise.
Check it out:

Look at this IRS scandal. I’m gonna tell you again what the IRS scandal was all about. You have different kinds of scandals, and a lot of scandals are where people get mad at what was attempted. “Nixon! He tried to bug the Democrat headquarters.” He was trying to do whatever he tried to do; he didn’t succeed in any of it. But you look at IRS scandal, and it wasn’t just so much the attempt. There was blatant success there! The suppression of Tea Party money, donations, and votes happened.

That was dead serious.

That’s why the IRS scandal is a huge deal, because it was successful. There was a successful effort. This is not just a scandal because of what was attempted. There is that, but the attempt succeeded. You look at the 2012 election returns. You’ll see that Obama’s turnout was millions of people less than it was in 2008, and he still won by a sizeable margin. Now, you can chalk some of it up to the Republicans — again — not having a genuine, conservative candidate.

But this IRS scandal saw to it that there would be less money supporting Romney, that there would be less money supporting Republican candidates, and that there would probably be less people voting for the Republicans. It worked. The IRS scandal achieved the suppression of Tea Party votes. All the while this is going on we have to listen to these silly allegations that the Republicans are trying to suppress the black vote, the gay vote, the female vote.

Republicans don’t try to suppress anything. You know, liberals think that we are bad people. We think they have bad ideas. It’s a huge difference. They think we are reprehensible people. We think they have bad ideas. (interruption) Some of them are what? (interruption) Some of the what, the ideas or the people? (interruption) Well, yeah, but my point is that it’s an attitude and a mind-set. The liberal… The thing that animates them is that we are rotten, evil people.



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