The Latest Twist in the Jason Collins Story


I’m starting to wonder if this is a false coming out party to save his own job!
Check it out:

We still got one more sound bite here with Jason Collins engaged for eight years to a beautiful blonde woman by the name of Carolyn Moos. She had the script written. It was all ready to go. They’d planned the wedding and their lives together, and then you know that it’s not gonna be that way, and, oh, no, we have to be accepting. So it says here that Collins, when he called her up and said I swing for the other team, didn’t even apologize. The media, by the way, has no curiosity about whether he cheated on this woman. Engaged for eight years. She doesn’t know? That’s the amazing thing. It is entirely possible. So apparently he didn’t apologize, the media’s not curious whether or not he was stepping out on her.

Anthony Weiner now, Anthony Weiner, jerk. Schwarzenegger, jerk. Mark Sanford, triple jerk. Jason Collins, greatest guy to ever come down the pike. Tim Tebow, jerk, quadruple jerk, Christian jerk. He didn’t do anything except get cut, and they still hate him. Did you know there was a liberal sports reporter who actually treated my suggestion that Tebow announce he’s gay seriously and discussed it seriously and whether or not it would actually help Tebow get signed? A sports journalist did not know that I was being facetious. “Nah, I don’t think that would work, Tebow still can’t play.” Well, Jason Collins can’t play. Doesn’t matter. He’s really gay, that’s all that matters. He’ll get on a team, doesn’t matter, because it’s all political. Anyway, Piers Morgan said to Carolyn Moos last night on Piers Morgan Live, “Did he apologize to you when he called and told you that he hits for the other team?”



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