The IRS Suppressed the Romney Vote


Suppressing the vote was what liberals accused conservative of by wanting voters to show ID’s. They basically told us what they were doing as they accused us of it.
Check it out:

So the election’s over, we’re analyzing it, talking about this, “What happened to the 2010 turnout?” Now we know, folks, now we know. The Democrats did take note of what happened to ’em in 2010. They did take note of what the Tea Party did, and by God, they made sure they weren’t gonna be able to do it in 2012, and they did. And those pre-election polls that were using a 2008 turnout for their modeling. And you remember we would marvel here at the samples that would have Democrats plus 11 and plus eight, and they were basing that on what happened in 2008, and nothing changing in 2012. So what about 2010? I said, “Now, 2010, especially, there wasn’t even a Republican on the ballot.”

There wasn’t a Republican issue on the ballot. There wasn’t a single thing on the ballot that would unite and inspire Republicans. What that 2010 turnout was about was stopping Obama. I thought, “Well, those people are gonna show up again.” And then we were told “Nope, Romney made ’em stay home.” That never made sense to me. I’m sorry, it just never made sense to me. I never understood intellectually how people who were so opposed to Obama in 2010 because of what was happening to the country could, in two years, end up having more dislike for Romney.

That just didn’t fit. But we didn’t know then what we know now. We had to accept that explanation, and I’m feeling like an idiot here for doing so. ‘Cause now we know there was utter — there’s no other way to describe this. It was pure, utter voter suppression. That’s what the IRS was doing. It was no different than what the New Black Panther Party did at places in Philadelphia. There was voter intimidation there at those polling places. So this is really serious stuff. And it’s not getting traction really beyond the political class. Not yet, be honest about it, low-information voters, the polling data anyway says they don’t care, who knows. But I’ll tell you, I never forget that Thomas Edsall piece. I quoted this over and over, New York Times column. It was in November of 2011, which they admitted that Obama was gonna abandon the white working class vote and try to suppress it.

That’s what the purpose that column was. They came out and said what they were going to do. They were going to try to depress and dispirit the conservative vote while giving up on the white middle class vote. They were gonna give up on getting the vote, but they were gonna do what they could to make sure they didn’t show up, and they did. It was just another form of election fraud. Now, in hindsight, nothing you can do about it, other than learn from it in the future, but it really is maddening.



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