The Idea That Amnesty Will Produce New Taxpayers and Wipe Out the Cost is Pathetically Wrong


They come to work illegally under the table. With the democrats goal of creating more dependents they won’t be contributing members of society.
Check it out:

They’re all citing similar conservatives who are very suspect on the subject of amnesty, Grover Norquist and others. The counterargument that is being offered here to the Heritage study is this, and this is from The Politico article: “Most economists on the right and the left insist that immigration reform would be more or less a wash, because immigrants would be paying taxes that would help support Social Security and social programs like food stamps and housing aid.”

That’s in The Politico piece. Now, I’m sorry, but that’s pathetically wrong. Forty-seven percent of Americans are not paying income tax, and I guarantee you those who would be made citizens via amnesty would also be in the income range where they wouldn’t be paying any tax. This idea that the cost so the social structure, the safety net structure in this country be overwhelmed by amnesty, is absurd.

The Politico found some Republicans, “No, no, no, it would be a wash because these new citizens would be immediately paying taxes.” Well, they’re already a bunch of Americans paying taxes, and how come we’ve got massive deficits? How come it isn’t a wash already with the existing taxpayers? The idea that we can legalize 11 million new citizens within a short few years of a time frame and put no strain on the social safety net? But that’s how the Heritage report is being attacked in The Politico, in the mainstream media, and they’ve gone out and they’ve found people who identify themselves as conservatives to oppose it.

Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t it somewhat obvious that most of these immigrants who would then find themselves on this pathway to citizenship, amnesty, whatever, wouldn’t they end up among the 47% who aren’t paying any income tax? Isn’t it a matter of mathematics? Yeah, initially. They’re gonna get money back from the earned income tax credit. In addition to not paying taxes, they’re gonna immediately qualify for the earned income tax credit, which is going to get them cash back. So they’re not gonna be contributing any more money, tax money than they already do. I mean, they’re paying sales tax, yes, but that isn’t gonna change. If they are employed and they’re not in a cash business, they are having Social Security, payroll tax, withheld.

There’s one question we could ask. If legalizing illegal aliens, making them citizens, is such a boon to the economy, why are all these sanctuary cities and the states they are located doing so poorly? If there is a grand financial benefit to the pathway to citizenship, why is California in such dire financial circumstances?



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