The Gluten-Free Health Hoax


Yeah, I’ve wondered about this new fad myself. Though I am happy for those who truly need it since they now have more food options.
Check it out:

That was the point of the story, that the celiacs are one thing but it’s become now a health fad. The point of the story is it’s like anything else. The story is in the UK Daily Mail, and points out that people for the longest time didn’t eat eggs because of cholesterol. Turns out they’re very good for you. The point of this story was that if you’re going gluten-free, you may be encountering health problems, and it was blaming celebrities for this. (interruption) When did what? (interruption)

Oh, it became cool last week. I saw something on eggs. The egg has been one of the most maligned foods out there that you can possibly imagine. The whole dairy industry was under assault for a while as high cholesterol and all that. But this story said that gluten is addictive. It’s like heroin and it makes you hungry. You always want more. They cite pizza as an example. “You can’t just eat one slice because the gluten in there like an addictive poison! It just makes you overeat and overeat and overeat until you’re full and you burst,” and so forth.

Anyway, if you’re enjoying it, I have no problem whatsoever. I’m totally hands off. You can eat whatever you want. My problem begins is when you gluten-free people become an army and start demanding nobody else eat it. When you become like the militant vegetarians and start dictating. When you become Science in the Public Interest and start banning coconut oil from popcorn, you are gonna lose me.

I find that see food activists — and Bloomberg is one, the mayor of New York. You know, if he wants to run around and eat and drink the way he does, fine, but he’s trying to force everybody in that city to follow his dictates on this. It’s none of his business. But he claims it is because his way will save the city money. How long is it gonna be before we hear a slogan, “Live wheat-free or die”? Live wheat free or die!



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