The Federal Government is After Us


The government is after absolute power.
Check it out:

This IRS thing, what’s the message? The government’s after us. Conservatives have been put on notice here. You think this is gonna stop? This isn’t going to stop. They’re just going to find new ways to do this.

Do you think the government is saying, “Oh, gosh we’re so sorry! We really didn’t mean to deny you your tax-exempt status”? The bottom line is, they want to freeze us out of participation in the political and electoral process. The primary objective of Barack Obama and all these people is the elimination of opposition. The realities of this story, what we’ve learned here, is conservatives have been put on notice. The federal government is after us.

A signal is being sent. The federal government, this administration, has been targeting every conservative group in ways probably beyond what has happened here at the IRS. You’d be wise to take this as a warning. (New Castrati impression) “Mr. Limbaugh, this is outrageous! I can’t believe you’re just out speaking like this and scaring people.” Mr. New Castrati, all I’m doing is observing. What has happened here, folks, is no small thing. What has happened here is not insignificant.

You and me — conservatives — have just seen how, for the past three years, we have been treated as enemies of the state. The people at the IRS thought nothing of denying us our constitutional rights, liberty, freedom, pursuit of happiness, political free speech (which is supposed to be untouchable by the US Constitution). This is no small thing here. This is not just the latest, ordinary, everyday scandal. You’re being sent a signal.



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