The Democrat Party Needs a Permanent Underclass in Order to Stay in Power


It’s just a matter of the takers voting themselves more of the makers stuff.
Check it out:

Let’s go back and listen to what Ted Kennedy, who was one of the proponents, said. Ted Kennedy said this would end it. There would never, ever anymore be any illegal immigration if we just did amnesty this time. Chuck Schumer made the same promises in 1986. He was in the House back then; he made the same promises. Ted Kennedy was saying the exact same thing in the Senate. “If we do this now, we will never, ever have to do this again.”

The truth of the matter is that they were lying then, and they’re lying now. The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass in order to thrive. The Democrat Party cannot survive with upwardly mobile people rapidly moving out of poverty and into the trenches of the middle class. Because when they get to the middle class and they see the possibilities of upward mobility, that’s when they resort to hard work, self-determination, and they try to really become the best they can be.

As they succeed, they don’t need the Democrat Party, and they don’t need government — and the Democrat Party cannot survive if that’s the case. So they need a constant influx of people. Now, this is pre-Obama. Nobody’s growing out of the middle class now. But before Obama got his hooks in the economy, upward mobility was the name of the game in this country, and the Democrats needed a new influx of poor people — uneducated poor people — in order to provide the permanent underclass.

I’ll be honest: Not just the Democrats. A lot of American business likes low-cost labor, and they were also happy to see this influx coming in. It wasn’t just a political thing for the Democrats. There were a lot of people who saw benefits to an inflow of such people. But the Democrat Party pushes it. None of this happens without them providing the political impetus for it to happen, because it’s a political issue. It’s not a human rights issue; it’s a political issue. Now, without this upward mobility…



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