Rubio really needs to be careful.
Check it out:

That’s Cesar Conda, Sen. Marco Rubio’s chief of staff, repeatedly reassuring conservatives that the Gang of Eight amnesty bill won’t allow illegal aliens who obtain provisional legal status to obtain welfare benefits.

Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York, discovered that the no-welfare claim doesn’t hold up to scrutiny:

Expanding legal immigration will push up spending on food stamps, Head Start, housing subsidies, and other benefits legal immigrants are eligible for upon arrival. Though Section 212(a)(4) of the U.S. Code says no immigrant who’s at risk of becoming a “public charge” can get a green card, it is never enforced. Half of green card holders have household incomes below 138% of the federal poverty line, and they’re also largely uninsured.

Insuring these legal newcomers will add $100 billion over the next decade to the ever rising cost of Obamacare. The health law makes legal immigrants eligible for subsidized private health insurance as soon as they arrive. Half of these newcomers will qualify for maximum assistance, costing $9,000 per enrollee, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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