TEA Party Targeted by IRS


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The IRS is, or has been very recently, on a conference call with reporters. As you know, the IRS today is apologizing for targeting unfairly a number of conservative groups in 2012 applying for tax exempt status. If you had “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in your name, they were inclined to deny you status after making you jump through hoops. The IRS said (imitating IRS), “Well, we’re sorry about this. A bunch of low level staffers, low-information people in our Cincinnati office.” On a conference call just now, the IRS is saying there will be no disciplinary action taken against these employees who targeted Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny. There will be no disciplinary action taken. The apology is enough. Bite me. Well, they didn’t say that. But, of course, it’s implied.

Karen Tumulty has issued a “clarification.” The IRS, when they said “no” to the question about disciplinary action, they meant they aren’t gonna answer that question. They did not mean to say there will not be any disciplinary action. They meant: We’re not answering that question. So it’s possible that there will be. There’s a conference call going on. She’s monitoring it. She’s tweeting it. Next thing: Why did the IRS decide to look at how these cases are being handled, how these applications are being handled?

The IRS said, well, they read complaints in the newspapers. That’s not how it happened. Folks, that’s not what happened here. There were official requests for investigations demanded by no less than the Landmark Legal Foundation. They read about it in the newspaper? The New York Times had an editorial back in March applauding the IRS for this! I just saw it, just had a chance to scan it here. The New York Times has an editorial applauding the IRS and encouraging people to really look hard at these so-called Tea Party groups going for tax-exempt status.



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