Tea Party, Dems Join to Block Special Gun Privileges

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The democrats probably didn’t realize what they were doing.
Check it out:

It’s not a political alliance people are used to seeing. But in states like Texas and North Carolina, Tea Party supporters have been teaming up with Democrats to defeat measures that would expand gun rights for lawmakers but not the general public.

In Texas, the House defeated a measure on Sunday that would have given prosecuting attorneys and lawmakers permission to carry guns anywhere they wanted to in the state. Just 38 lawmakers voted for it, while 103 voted against.

Current Texas law restricts concealed handgun license holders from taking their weapons into schools, bars, sporting events and federal buildings.

Democratic state Rep. Ryan Guillen of Rio Grande City originally introduced a bill to loosen those regulations for prosecutors. But when an amendment giving lawmakers the same rights was tacked on the bill, many backed out and accused Guillen of pulling a bait-and-switch.



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