Support grows for journalist shield law after Justice Dept. snoops on The Associated Press


I thought we already had this protection. Nothing will help when you have a tyrant who doesn’t obey the law.
Check it out:

With journalists now justifiably fearful that the federal government could examine their telephone logs and dig up other information, support is growing in Congress for a measure to help reporters keep their sources confidential.

Democratic Rep. Karen Bass of California on Thursday morning said she supports the so-called “shield law.”

“We need legislation to address that. I think it’s time we put that back on the table and that we talk about that,” she said during an appearance on C-Span’s “Washington Journal” program, adding that she finds the Justice Department’s snooping on The Associated Press to be “terrible.”

The DOJ has admitted it sought telephone records from at least 20 AP reporters and editors in an attempt to track down the source of national security leaks related to a terrorist plot. The collection of those logs was done without the AP’s knowledge and has caused a firestorm on Capitol Hill with critics accusing the White House of trampling the First Amendment.



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