Sotomayor feels ‘frenzy of exile’ as Bronx native and first Hispanic US Supreme Court justice


I have a ruling for you Justice Sotomayor: No one cares that you are from NY, or Hispanic, or a woman. Big deal. Here’s what everyone cares about: You ragging liberalism.
Check it out:

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has said she wants to be called just ‘‘Sonia from the Bronx.’’

On Sunday, the first Hispanic justice on the nation’s highest court explained why, saying ‘‘you can’t come from the world I grew up in, the South Bronx, without feeling the frenzy of exile, constantly.’’

She spoke at Cooper Union, a private college in Manhattan’s East Village where Abraham Lincoln once gave a speech against slavery.

The justice said she wasn’t ‘‘doing press’’ on an evening in her hometown that ended with hugs from some audience members who asked her to sign their copies of her memoir, ‘‘My Beloved World.’’

She spoke on the closing night of the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature in New York City, which included her conversation with scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr.



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