Sen. Flake ‘Open’ to Amendments to Close Immigration Bill Welfare Loophole


I’m confused on how illegals can even apply.
Check it out:

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) would support an amendment to the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill to close the loophole allowing illegal immigrants access to state and local welfare benefits, his spokeswoman told Breitbart News on Tuesday afternoon.

Flake’s spokeswoman, Genevieve Rozansky, acknowledged the existence of the bill’s state and local welfare loopholes for illegal immigrants. She told Breitbart News her boss would support an amendment that closes that loophole if another Senate office comes up with an idea to do so.

“The goal of the Gang of 8 bill is to not reward those who broke the law,” Rozansky wrote in an email. “It clearly prevents those with a provisional status from receiving federal benefits, but if other senators have ideas about how to prevent them from receiving state or local benefits that is consistent with the principle of federalism, Senator Flake would certainly be open to such an amendment.”



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