Anything we can do to win more seats in 2014 to stop Obama.
Check it out:

Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he plans to “help shape national priorities” by helping fellow conservatives in their mid-term election campaigns next year.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal published Thursday, Romney said he is considering writing a book and a series of opinion pieces, a three-day summit in Utah next week and stumping for 2014 congressional Republican candidates.

“I’m not going to be bothering the airwaves with a constant series of speeches,” he said.

The Utah meeting will be “forward-looking” but closed to outsiders and the press, according to Romney.

He described the event as an opportunity to “exchange views and update our thinking about where the world is headed and what the national agenda ought to be.”

Global youth unemployment, US competitiveness and declining family structures were among topics of interest to Romney.

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