‘Rogue’ IRS Agent Claim Unraveling


Wait til it comes out that Obama was directing it.
Check it out:

An investigation by Cincinnati Fox 19 reporter Ben Swann finds that Obama Administration claims that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups was the work of two “rogue” low-level employees in Cincinnati, Ohio, strain credulity and are “falling apart.”

Swann reports that so far six IRS agents working out of the Cincinnati office—which is the central hub for processing tax-exempt applications—have been identified as sending scrutinizing letters to conservative groups. These include:

Mitchel Steele-IRS Agent
Carly Young-IRS Agent
Joseph Herr-IRS Agent
Stephen Seok-IRS Supervisor
Liz Hofacre-IRS Agent
Ms. Richards (full name unknown)-IRS Agent

These agents report to different managers, with a territory manager overseeing those managers.



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