Real Courage: The Benghazi Whistleblower


We’re losing our language. Words mean things. The way we’re defining “courage” is kind of curious to me. A pro basketball player announcing that he likes to have sex with other men, in my book, in a comparative sense, is not courageous, when compared, say, to a whistleblower trying to set the record straight about what happened in Benghazi.

Now, that’s courage because that’s taking on the oppressive power structure of this entire country. There are people, there are whistleblowers, there are people who are trying to blow the whistle on what happened in Benghazi. We still don’t have the answers. We have a dead ambassador and three other Americans and there has yet to be a satisfactory explanation. How in the world did this happen? All we’ve been told is that some renegade filmmaker, who’s now in jail, ginned up a lot of anger and that caused it. We know that’s not true.

Now, when you’re trying to blow the whistle on an administration, that, to me, is courage. To the audio sound bites. Last night on Fox Special Report, their correspondent, Adam Housley, interviewed an unidentified special operator — face was blacked out, voice changed for the interview — about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. And during the interview the special operator said this about the attack.



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