Politico: Obama Admin Pushed ‘False Narrative’ After Benghazi


Even liberal outlets are starting to take notice.
Check it out:

In a sign of how the Benghazi cover-up story is gaining traction in the mainstream media, Politico, the same outlet that only four days ago buried all of its Benghazi stories, is now conceding that the Obama administration ran with a “false narrative” in the days immediately following the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Libya.

On Friday, in a story about Rush Limbaugh’s response to ABC’s report that the Obama administration scrubbed its initial talking points to remove references to terrorism, Politico conceded:

Earlier Friday, reports surfaced that the false narrative the Obama administration pushed in the immediate aftermath of the attack, in which ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed, was based on talking points that were edited 12 times. The final version of the talking points — trumpeted by many, including Susan Rice — blamed the incident as a spontaneous response to an anti-Islamic YouTube video and not on terrorism.



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