Political Hacks at the IRS Leaked Confidential Information on Conservatives to the Liberal Media Group ProPublica


Obama’s little extortion scheme is being exposed.
Check it out:

Get this. I’ve just been sent a note here by a trusted source. The division of the Internal Revenue Service that improperly scrutinized the tax-exempt status of conservative groups took that information from the applications for tax-exempt status, from all those groups, and they sent that information, which is confidential, they sent information on 31 conservative groups to a liberal nonprofit journalism organization called ProPublica. We know this because ProPublica told everybody today that the IRS sent them the information on these conservative groups.

So, folks, this was not just — how to explain this, what we’re up against here. I don’t care what bureaucracies it is, I don’t care what department, what cabinet level department, in this case the IRS. It’s populated by the same people who are in the think tanks, the same people in the media, the same people that make comments on these liberal websites. They’re populated by the same people you read on the Daily Kos or the Democrat Underground or whatever. So it turns out that the division of the IRS that scrutinized tax-exempt status of conservative groups took that confidential information from their tax-exempt status application and sent it to a nonprofit journalism organization called ProPublica, so that ProPublica could use that information and slime these groups.

Now, the IRS isn’t supposed to give anybody anything. Every bit of information on everybody’s tax return, everybody’s application for tax-exempt status is supposed to be closely held and private. It is not supposed to be shared. The president is not supposed to be able to call and get information from the IRS. If the president wants to know what the Koch brothers are making, how much they’ve earned, and what they paid in taxes, he cannot call the IRS and get the information. They are not legally allowed to tell him. In this instance the IRS and the people working there, who are political hacks, sent the information on 31 conservative groups to a liberal journalism organization, nonprofit, ProPublica.



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