Piers Morgan Clashes With Ben Ferguson Over Background Checks, Infants Getting Their Hands On Guns


Sticking it to liberals is always fun.
Check it out:

Piers Morgan brought conservative radio host Ben Ferguson onto his show tonight to take on the civil liberties debate emerging in the wake of Boston, but it quickly turned into a battle over background checks. Morgan accused Ferguson of hypocrisy in saying suspicious individuals who buy fireworks ought to be reported to the police, but Ferguson insisted no law-abiding person would sell a gun to suspicious individuals in the first place. They also fought over whether there can be any effective legal remedy for infants being given guns by parents.

Morgan cited statistics showing less Americans support infringement of their civil liberties to fight terrorism after Boston than they did after previous terrorist attacks on the United States. Ferguson attributed this to a better understanding amongst the public of what technologies are appropriate to utilize in the name of fighting terrorism.

However, Ferguson did say profiling suspicions persons who make certain purchases should be encouraged amongst the public, specifically citing places where people can buy fireworks. Morgan asked why he favors this but not background checks for guns. Ferguson shot back that he doesn’t support a fireworks background check, just the reporting of suspicious individuals.



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