Palin’s Mother Discusses Cherished Mother’s Day Moments with Sarah

Palin and Mother

Happy Mother’s Day.
Check it out:

On Sunday, Americans will pay tribute to mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers all across the country. Some families are lucky enough to be anchored by women who excel at being all three. There is a family you may have heard of in Alaska that happens to be included in that fortunate bunch.

Sarah Palin is a household name worldwide. The former Governor of Alaska and first female GOP Vice Presidential nominee is as famous as it gets. Many of her family members enjoy a following of their own as well. Todd Palin is a world champion Iron Dog racer. Bristol Palin is an author, blogger, and a two-time “Dancing With the Stars” competitor. Even Palin’s dad and brother, Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr., respectively, have a throng of fans after writing the very enjoyable book, Our Sarah: Made in Alaska. But while all of these Palins and Heaths may be better known, all of them are likely to point to someone else as the backbone of the family–Sally Heath.

Sally Heath is the real article. She is “as advertised” by her loved ones. And she is always thinking of others even in an interview about herself. She is Sarah Palin’s mother.



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