On Naivety and Marco Rubio


Border first. Has to be.
Check it out:

Marco Rubio has said repeatedly — and he’s a good person — he only wants what he thinks is the best for our country. I don’t question secret motives, intentions of any deceptive kind where he’s concerned.

Now, let me address this Rubio stuff because the staff on the other side of the glass is very concerned that the headline in about five minutes on every website in the world is gonna be: “Limbaugh: Rubio Naive on Immigration.” In the first place, let me say at the outset that Senator Rubio and I are friends. We know each other and we communicate somewhat regularly. So these efforts that are underway or might be underway to drive a wedge between Senator Rubio and me simply will not work.

There was a story last week. I don’t remember the details of it, but it was essentially that I had been highly critical and was ripping Senator Rubio. His staff called me and said, “We know that’s not true. We know that’s not what happened. We know that’s not what you said. We got it,” and the same thing here on this immigration business. Folks, I’m not gonna backtrack from what I said. If we grant amnesty — and Rubio does not support amnesty.

He’s never come out and said he’s for amnesty. If we do amnesty for 11 million or more illegal aliens, I’m telling you, it’s the end of the Republican Party are. And it isn’t just me saying so. The Politico ran that story 10 days ago. It’s mathematics. That’s all it is, and it’s all I ever said it is. I’ve asked Senator Rubio about this. That’s what it was. There was supposedly a report about how I really raked Rubio over the coals in his interview here and how he was mad at me over something.



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