Obamacare Produces Pain and Chaos by Design


Obama wants to have total control.
Check it out:

All of these forecasts, Obamacare not working, all of these stories of companies downsizing, they just think that’s evil business profit-taking. These people in the government who really thought that Obamacare and even do still think Obamacare is gonna lower costs and expand coverage, and when it doesn’t happen, what do they think? They think that evil CEOs are being greedy and they’re just laying people off using the excuse of Obamacare, but all they’re doing is hoarding money and building bigger houses for themselves and buying nicer cars while they’re firing or laying people off. That’s what they think. They think that all of this is right wing conspiratorial activity designed to harm Obama. When they read these stories — look, try this one. This is from the Washington Examiner but this is just a repeat of an LA Times story.

“UnitedHealth, the nation’s largest private insurer, will not participate in California’s Obamacare health exchange, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday. Health insurance giants Aetna and Cigna will also opt out of Covered California, the state agency charged with implementing Obamacare. All three insurers will still provide health insurance through large employers in the state,” but they’re not going to participate in the Obamacare exchanges.

“Kaiser Permanente, the largest health insurer in California, will work with Covered California, as will Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California. Together, these two companies already control 87 percent of the state’s individual health insurance market. That number will only go up as UnitedHealth, Aetna and Cigna drop out of the individual market entirely. Market consolidation and decreased consumer choice is exactly what some supporters of Obamcare hoped would happen all along.”

This is my point. As UnitedHealth pulls out, as Cigna pulls out, as Aetna pull out, what does that mean? It means consumers have fewer choices. That’s the design. The people that really thought about this at the government, the Obamacare people, the people that really put this together with their ultimate aim in mind, intended all of this. They intended for it to be too big, too unworkable, and too expensive. They intended for all of these companies, be they businesses or insurance companies, to pull out, to not insure people, they intended this. That’s why the fines for not having insurance in the first couple years are very cheap.

The fines for not having a policy cost much less than having a policy. They want people to not have the policy. They want people to pay the fine. They want to upset the market and create a mess — and, then to clean up the mess, they want everybody just to finally say, “You know what? You know what would fix this? Single payer! Just have the government do it. To hell with Aetna, to hell with Cigna, to hell with United Health, to hell with private insurance. Just have the government do it.”



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