Obama Isn’t Just Too Big to Fail, He’s Too Big to Know


And too big for the truth. The fall will be grand.
Check it out:

They want you to believe that Obama knew nothing. Jay Carney says it right here. They didn’t tell Obama about the IRS ’cause it was wise to keep him in the dark. “I think people in the know and people who understand why it’s important to maintain distance from these kinds of things for a White House understand that that was the right call, in our view,” not telling the president. Now, A, I don’t believe he didn’t know. But if he didn’t, the larger point is he didn’t have to be told to know this was going on.

Ladies and gentlemen, again, there are a bunch of sycophants and groupies and just true believers. Maybe they’re not even groupie or sycophants. They’re just literally believers. I mean, these are dyed-in-the-wool true believers. Obama was The Messiah. Obama is The Messiah. Obama, he’s it! He’s infallible. “If conservatives and Republicans are the worst thing to him, then I’m gonna protect him! I’m gonna make sure that conservatives don’t get to him.

“I’m gonna make sure that conservatives don’t harm my guy! I’m gonna make sure these Republicans do not inflict damage on my guy ’cause my guy is god! My guy is infallible; my guy is the answer to everybody’s problems. I’m gonna protect my guy, and if that means taking out Republicans with the IRS, so be it.” Those are the kinds of people who get hired, folks. I’m telling you, he doesn’t have to know. He doesn’t have to issue orders. He doesn’t have to have an operator’s manual for this.

These people get hired because it is understood by everybody in the hiring process that this is what they’re gonna do. (interruption) Snerdley is saying, “Wait a minute! How come this kind of ignorance doesn’t fly for CEOs?” For example, if the CEO at BP says, “You know what? I’m sitting over here in Britain, and I’m having a cigar with my port, and that oil well leak? Nobody told me. Go talk to the guys over there in the Gulf! I don’t know anything. They purposely didn’t tell me about this so that I could have plausible deniability.



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