Obama Isn’t Disengaged – He Leads a Government Waging War on Its Domestic Enemies


All these scandals had the goal of increasing Obama’s power.
Check it out:

Did you hear how David Axelrod attempted to defend Obama on the IRS scandal? I think he was on MSNBC today. David Axelrod said (paraphrasing), “Well, you know, the government’s too big. The government’s simply too vast for Obama to control it.” Bingo! Exactly! That’s the whole reason the Tea Party exists. The government is too big. Not only is the government too big, it’s growing. It’s growing to the point that it is unmanageable, although that is a big, I think, diversion in and of itself.

They managed all of this. They were able to direct all of these scandals, folks. And yet the theme of the day in the Drive-By Media, guess what it is? Now all of a sudden Obama is just too disengaged. He’s too passive. He’s too disinterested. He couldn’t possibly have had a direct role in any of this ’cause he doesn’t care enough. He’s not engaged enough. Dana Milbank actually has a name for him in his Washington Post column. The headline of Milbank’s piece: “Obama, the Uninterested President.” And he refers to him as “President Passerby.”

Folks, I am telling you, the media is now being split up. That may not be the accurate way to say this, but some elements of the media are loaded for bear now, or appear to be at least on the IRS scandal. Some of them are still circling the wagons around Obama, and one of them is Dana Milbank. But there is in certain sectors of the State-Controlled Media, the theme today is that Obama couldn’t have been involved directly in any of this stuff. Obama couldn’t be. He’s too passive. He’s too disinterested. He’s focused on other things. His job has never really been all that challenging to Obama. I mean, it’s so beneath his skill set.



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