So everyone in the staff knew but Obama? Yeah, there’s a big lie here.
Check it out:

Conservative radio host Mark Levin is very skeptical of the idea that President Obama had absolutely no idea about the IRS tea party targeting before the story broke in the news mere weeks ago. Levin declared adamantly that it is a “flat-out, bald-faced lie” that Obama didn’t know beforehand, citing prior reports by a few conservative news outlets picking up on the news well before the 2012 presidential election.

Levin said, “I don’t believe for two seconds that Obama wasn’t aware of this.” He played the audio of Obama saying he learned about it from news reports, and immediately shot back by saying tea partiers in early 2012 voiced concerns the IRS was targeting them. He cited the Washington Examiner, CNS News, and Fox News as examples of outlets that picked up on the news much earlier, as well as himself, saying if he knew about it, Obama must have known.

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