Obama Invites Illegals to WH


Nothing like bringing lawbreakers to the White House.
Check it out:

Senior Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) joined with House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) on Thursday to write directly to President Barack Obama to “express concern over the exclusion of immigration and customs enforcement officers and their representatives from the negotiations surrounding immigration reform.”

Goodlatte and Sessions wrote to Obama that the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, an organization that speaks for more than 7,000 ICE officers and agency staffers around the country, had “requested a meeting with the Administration three months ago to weigh in on immigration policy and share their firsthand concerns over the breakdown of interior enforcement.”

“To date, they have received no meeting invitation,” Goodlatte and Sessions wrote.

In their letter to Obama, Goodlatte and Sessions wrote that they want the president and his administration to “meet with representatives from the National ICE Council as soon as possible.” They said Obama and his administration need to “hear the views of their rank-and-file officers.”



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