Obama: Dems have ‘great chance’ of regaining House majority in 2014


So is he that naive or just trying to sound positive? Here in a few more scandals there might not be a liberal left with a job.
Check it out:

President Obama at a fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday told Democratic donors the party had a “great chance” of retaking the House in 2014.

Speaking at an event for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in his hometown, Obama blamed congressional Republicans for holding up his second-term agenda and urged supporters to redouble their efforts to win back the House.

“One of the best ways to work around it is to have a Democratic House of Representatives,” Obama said.

“We’ve got a great chance of taking back the House. And I’m going to be working tirelessly wherever I get the opportunity to make the case to the American people that our ideas are the right ones,” he added.



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