When Obama ties the FBI’s hands of course they are going to fail.
Check it out:

Tuesday morning, the White House announced that President Obama would hold a snap press conference at 10:15am EDT. The ambiguous nature of the presser raised expectations that important news was about to break. When the presser was delayed by almost 30 minutes, those expectations seemed confirmed. Instead, the delayed event was a run-of-the-mill presser addressing current news and issues. It was a clear sign that the White House was worried the narrative on several issues was slipping away from Obama.

Obama held fewer press conferences in his first term than any of his recent predecessors. Calling a surprise press conference absent any breaking news is highly unusual. Given recent developments on several fronts, however, it is indicative of a White House on the defense. Critical missteps by the Administration have been exposed over the past two weeks.

The investigation in the Boston Marathon bombing has revealed that the FBI had been warned about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and alleged ties to terrorists back in 2011. The FBI found no evidence, at the time, to support the allegations, yet his mother was placed on the terrorist watch list that same year.

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