Obama Calls Benghazi a “Sideshow” and “Political Circus”


Is this like the pot calling the kettle black?
Check it out:

The US embassy in Cairo, before anything had happened, apologized, in advance, for any protests that might happen. And that apology cited that video, if you recall. And that’s the first we’d heard of it. What the hell is this? We were told that that apology — remember, the White House came out and condemned it, and we were told, again, a low-level worker in the embassy was overzealous and was just too caring and was trying to take preemptive action to stop a protest by apologizing for America in advance of it. Remember all that? And in that apology and that statement, which came from the US Embassy in Cairo before anything happened, they mention a video. This reprehensible video that’s upset people.

I went back and I found out that two days earlier the grand mufti of Egypt, in a speech in his little mosque, sermon in his mosque, had actually reference that video in passing. I mean, it was a casual, throwaway line. And I am convinced that the administration concocted this video excuse before anything happened ’cause they knew that Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi was planning an attack. This is what we’ve learned. We know that this regime knew something was gonna happen before it did. We know at least that they knew who it was when it was happening.

We know that Susan Rice was sent out with phony talking points. We know that those talking points were written and edited. We also know that siblings and spouses of mainstream media people work in the administration. Somebody, the news director at ABC’s sister is involved at the administration. And the brother of some guy at some network — I’ve got it here, I’ll find it in just a second, give you the names — is actually involved in the Benghazi summary. I mean, it’s worse than the resolving door of incest. An individual works at a congressman’s office, then goes to the media, then goes back to a senator’s office, then goes back to the media, then goes to the administration like Jay Carney did, then back to the media.



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