Obama Approval Unaffected by Reality


It is amazing that nothing seem to stick to Obama.
Check it out:

You’re thinking Obama’s in trouble (and I’m telling you, he isn’t), and you see headline like this? Let’s go to the Washington Post. Headline: “President Obama Says Journalists Should Not be Prosecuted for Soliciting Information.” How nice. Why, he didn’t know about that, either. Jay Carney said, “By the way, the president thinks that…” He’s telling this to the media at the White House press briefing. “By the way, the president thinks that you should be able to do your job in a free and open way.”

So all of this targeting of the Associated Press reporters and James Rosen (and his parents) and William La Jeunesse at Fox? That has nothing to do with Obama. He doesn’t think that ought to be happening. He’s got total faith in Eric Holder. The point is: When you ask a question beyond that, you’re missing the point. “The president thinks you should be able to do your job in a free and open way.”

“Well, who does he support Holder? Holder’s the one doing this.” You’re off the beaten path. Jay Carney said in a briefing, “If you’re asking me whether the president believes that journalists should be prosecuted for doing their jobs, the answer is no.” Okay, so you’re a low-information voter out there. You’re watching this, if you pick up on this at all, and you find out that Obama’s for reporters.

If you’re a low-information voter, I dare say you might even support Fox reporters being spied on. Because if you are a low-information voter, you believe the Democrat spin on things, and you might believe that Fox is a problem. You might believe that they need to be spied on. Go read (if you dare) some of the comments at some of these Democrat websites, some of these lackeys in their pajamas sitting around all day long cashing their welfare checks, doing whatever, and posting comments on these sites.



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