The Obama scandals are starting to turn even liberals against Obama.
Check it out:

At least when it comes to the overreaching Department of Justice leak investigations, President Obama has finally lost one of his biggest fans, The New York Times. In a Wednesday editorial written by the full editorial board, the Times said it was a threat “to fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news” when the Obama administration labeled a Fox News reporter a “co-conspirator” in a criminal investigation.

Well, no kidding.

The editorial is titled “Another Chilling Leak Investigation,” and doesn’t hide its disgust with an administration willing to criminalize everyday news-gathering as an excuse to seize a reporter’s emails, phone records, and even the phone records belonging to his parents.

This is a major problem for a president, who up till now has enjoyed the most fawning press coverage in the history of the Republic. What Obama has on his hands here is a woman scorned, a lover betrayed. This morning on MSNBC, Chuck Todd accused the White House of “criminalizing journalism.”

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