Never Forget? 9/11 Family Member Thinks We Have


Rush had an interesting call from a 9-11 family member.
Check it out:

CALLER: I wanted to call and vent a little bit. I lost my brother on 9/11, who was killed in the World Trade Center. He went in to go to work one day and then Muslim terrorists slammed two planes in the building, and we lost him forever. He’d just become a father, and the token phrases that was added to that day was “never forget.” I guess some people don’t realize “never forget” means forever because over the past 12 years it’s been a struggle to try and get past it all when I have a reminder every day and let alone my government seems to forget.

Later Rush connects the dots:

There’s a cover-up going on. What is really fascinating about Benghazi is they are saying that they’re gonna be talking to a lot of people and forcing questions on a lot of people, but in no story can you find any reference to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is being totally shielded. They want her to think, like they wanted her to think in ’08, that she’s the next Democrat Party nominee. It’s finally going to be her turn, and so they’re circling the wagons and doing everything they can to protect her, but they’re also trying to eliminate from the public consciousness that Benghazi was anything other than an ad hoc protest, pure and simple.

The people in this administration know exactly what they’re doing. They know that they’ve got a very sympathetic and complicit media, and they know that they have a lazy media, and they’ve got a media that does not want to find Obama responsible for any of this. And so they won’t. So people like you, I have some friends who lost sons and other family members 9/11. And they’re never going to forget it or be over it, I don’t even know if that’s the right way to put it. But they’re frustrated every day. The thing that happened in England and Christiane Amanpour referred to it as just a onesie or twosie here, these little knock-off terrorists, as Joe Biden calls them.

The mayor of London comes out (impression), “Don’t anyone make the mistake of assuming that this is Islam. It’s not Muslim, this isn’t Muslim terrorism.” And then we hear the British troops are told not to wear their uniforms off base. The uniform is too provocative, but there’s nothing to be afraid of here. There’s nothing really going on. These are just lone wolf operators, not tied to anything. And it has a lot of people bamboozled. They don’t understand why the one entity that’s supposed to be attuned and protect and defend everybody doesn’t see or claims not to see the real threat. So I feel for you. Everybody does. I’m glad you called, Chris. Thanks so much.



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