NBC News’s Schultz: IRS Has Nothing to Apologize For


Imagine if this would have been Occupy groups. The liberal outrage would be deafening.
Check it out:

New day and time, same old liberal slop. Ed Schultz returned to MSNBC yesterday in his new, relegated-to-the-ratings-desert slot of weekend afternoons.

One of the topics was the targeting by the IRS of conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. Predictably, Schultz & Co. did all they could to sweep the scandal under the carpet. Schultz suggested the IRS had nothing to apologize for, while the ever-prolix Michael Eric Dyson actually claimed it was “much ado about nothing,” and was even willing to diss President Obama’s power, saying he lacked the “juice” to have ordered the IRS targeting. View the video after the jump.



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