Multiple Romney Supporters Were Targeted by the IRS


This abuse of power can’t be ignored.
Check it out:

Now, I mentioned earlier that the theme in Washington amongst many, not all, but many in the Washington press corps is, “Man, this guy, Obama, he couldn’t possibly have been involved ’cause he’s not involved. This guy, he’s lazy, he’s disengaged. The government’s too big. He can’t control it all. His fingerprints are not possible to be found on these events ’cause it’s too big, it’s too massive, Obama can’t control this.” That was David Axelrod’s excuse. “It’s just too big.” Which is why the Tea Party exists, by the way. But that’s another story. He says it’s unmanageable. And Obama is called President Passerby, by Dana Milbank.

So this job, president, is so beneath Obama. His talents are so much larger than just this office, and he really is not that interested anymore. That’s how they’re attempting to convince people, be it Benghazi or the AP phone scandal or the IRS scandal, it couldn’t have been Obama. Why, I mean, he’s just sitting around watching all this stuff just like you. This morning on the Today Show. The cohost, Savannah Guthrie just talked to David Gregory, the host of Meet the Depressed. And Guthrie said, “We have three scandals at a boil right now, David. Which is the most potentially dangerous to the administration in the long term?”



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