Mediaite Calls Alex Jones Nuts


I’m not willing to call him nuts. I can’t get on board with a lot of his conspiracy theories, but typically there is some kind of incompetence that causes these theories.
Check it out:

Just your occasional reminder that conspiracy theorist radio host and expert false-flag-identifier Alex Jones still has a few screws loose while giving melodramatic on-air rants.

This latest winner comes courtesy of MofoPolitics, who flagged down a video of Jones angrily firing off at Google, Facebook, and YouTube for being “front operations” for the Central Intelligence Agency.

While addressing user concerns with Facebook and other social media outlets, Jones did one of his signature “take the volume up to 11″ moves and fired off this hilarious tirade:

“Use it like a toilet! Use Facebook to jack their system! And jack ‘em hard! But hate ‘em, and spit on ‘em while you do it. Same thing with YouTube. And all of it. Jack the enemy conduits. Jack it hard and hate ‘em! And spit on ‘em while you do it.”



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