Media: Benghazi Hearings Just a Partisan Attack on Beloved President and Future President


Liberals protect their own.
Check it out:

You know, folks, incompetence is used often by the Democrats to cover up a cover-up. Do you remember Sandy Burglar? Sandy Burglar stole Top Secret documents from the National Archives in his pants. He put them in his pants and in his socks, and he walked out of there with them. The scandal went away when the Democrats said, “You know, Sandy’s so disorganized, it’s typical.” They had Clinton out there saying (impression), “Yeah, I remember that guy! (chuckling)

“I’d walk in that guy’s office and I swear! I couldn’t even see the top of the desk! He had so much stuff up in there, had so much garbage and clutter in there. He’s just the greatest guy. Sandy Burglar is one of my long-time friends, but, man, this guy is so disorganized. I’m sure he walked out of there and he didn’t even know he put those documents in his socks! Heh heh! I’m sure he didn’t even know. He wouldn’t intended to do that on purpose. The guy’s just a putz.”

They use this incompetence defense all the time. Tim Geithner and Charlie Rangel are tax cheats. (Clinton impression) “Come on, Limbaugh! (laughing) You know they’re not tax cheats! They didn’t understand that tax program, TurboTax and stuff. Charlie? I mean, come on! He’s just so disorganized. That guy spent all of his time down there in the Dominican Republic on the beach. He didn’t know what was going on. There was no effort by these people to defraud anybody.”



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