It’s no wonder we can’t balance our budget.
Check it out:

In space, no one can hear you drone on at a committee meeting.

Congress is used to being consumed with practical issues like sequestration, unemployment, health care, and international disputes. But there’s also a strange and enduring history of congressional fascination with the great unknown. And in the past three months, current and former lawmakers are looking up to the skies with hearings on pending doom from asteroids hitting the Earth, a bill to build a moon base by 2022, and a mock hearing to investigate a potential cover-up of the existence of aliens by the U.S government.

The political focus on threats from space may seem misplaced when there are so many pressing issues to be addressed here on Earth, but the lawmakers concerned with these issues say they are deadly serious, and the consequences of letting the space program deteriorate are equally dire.

Plus, they say, space is really awesome.

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