Libyan President Told the Truth about Benghazi


So sad that a foreign President is more honest than our President.
Check it out:

If you recall Greg Hicks, during his testimony before the committee, was asked what he thought when he heard Susan Rice’s assertions that it was the video, this obscure video made by this Coptic Christian that had everybody in the Middle East all worked up and is what caused the attack in Benghazi. Hicks said that it was jaw dropping — jaw dropping — and that he could not believe it; that he was embarrassed for our country.

Now, let me tell you why he was embarrassed. It wasn’t just that this answer was so absurd. It wasn’t just that this excuse was so ridiculous. Remember, Greg Hicks and the State Department people are there for a reason. There’s diplomacy. They’re there to build successful relationships with their host country — and it turns out that the Libyan president is, in comparative terms, a moderate Muslim. He is not a jihadist, at least as analyzed by people I know who are experts in this.

The Libyan president is a Sunni Muslim. He is from Benghazi. He lived for decades in the United States. He was among Khadafy’s most prominent enemies. He’s said to be a liberal, in the classic sense. He supports free elections and free speech as well as equality among citizens and between the sexists, and he has been the target of multiple assassination attempts by other Islamists. The most recent one was in January.



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