Liberals Will Protect Hillary at All Costs


Hillary is the new favorite as they leave Obama in the dust.
Check it out:

So I checked the e-mail during the top-of-the-hour break and a bunch of leftists are trying to convince me to let this Benghazi thing go. “It’s old news. It’s not gonna change anything now. We gotta move on!” It isn’t old news. As you know, what we are about here, is the arena of ideas. The express purpose of this program is an attempt to build as large a block of informed citizens as possible. That’s the answer, if somebody demanded, “Well, what is your purpose, Limbaugh? What are you really trying to?”

Outside of the business requirements of this program, satisfying radio business requirements and being successful there, I’m just trying to create the largest block of informed, participating voting citizens in this country. So this is all relevant, and I’ll tell you why. Yeah, they got through this, and they won the election. In that sense, it is old news. But the current iteration of this is to protect Hillary Clinton at all costs, because, in many Democrat minds she is the next nominee. I’ll tell you why that’s the case.



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