Liberals Sign ‘Thank You’ Note to IRS for Targeting Conservatives


Liberals just don’t get it at all. Thinking isn’t one of their strong points since it is all about feeling good to them.
Check it out:

On one hand, let’s be fair here. This video was shot in Boulder, Colorado, a hotbed of reflexive, unthinking liberalism. I’ve had several enriching experiences at CU’s annual Conference on World Affairs, but the intense leftward tilt of that campus and community isn’t a secret. Plus, finding a few dozen college students willing to sign a piece of paper thanking correct-thinking Group X for punishing wrong-thinking Group Y isn’t exactly a heavy lift. On the other hand, the signatory around the 30 second mark appears to be parroting explicit DNC talking points (“so-called scandals”), which seem to conflict with White House’s narrative on the IRS affair — which, in turn, has been a challenge to keep track of in its own right. This video demonstrates id-fueled tribal politics at their worst. We know we’re not supposed to like the Tea Party for reasons that we can’t articulate at the moment, so of course we support bad things happening to them. Their votes count as much as yours, guys. And the Obama campaign was exceptionally good at identifying them, and turning them out last November. Fortunately, in this case, they represent a small minority of the public. Most Americans strongly oppose the IRS’ political targeting program and a majority views it as a “very important” scandal.



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