Liberals Freak Out Over Prospect of Koch Brothers Buying the LA Times


Liberals are so predictable.
Check it out:

Now, I mentioned mere moments ago the LA Times. Here’s the story: “Part-timers to Lose Pay Amid Health Act’s New Math — Some workers are having their hours cut so employers won’t have to cover them under Obamacare. But many will benefit from the healthcare law’s premium subsidies and Medicaid expansion. Many part-timers are facing a double whammy from President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

“The law requires large employers offering health insurance to include part-time employees working 30 hours a week or more. But rather than provide healthcare to more workers, a growing number of employers are cutting back employee hours instead.” And we’re back to the tried-and-true explanation of the left and their lack of dynamic scoring, the lack of consideration of the consequences. They sit there, they pass laws, and they think everybody is just sheep. The law says 30 employees, full coverage. They don’t stop to think that the express purpose of a business is to limit costs anywhere they can, labor included. So get the number of people on part time under 30, and they act shocked and surprised. They really do act shocked and surprised.

Now, the point about this is, though, the LA Times knew this two years ago. Publishing this story now is the equivalent of a cover-up. Now, I know what some of your are saying, “Wait a minute, Rush, State-Controlled Media, they may not have known. I mean, they just are spoon-fed by the administration. They may not have known.” I hate to admit it, but that is entirely possible. These people are the least inquisitive bunch of people in the country. Mainstream media people are the least inquisitive I’ve found. They just accept what the people they love, adore and respect tell ’em. They don’t question it. So it’s entirely possible the LA Times reporter is only now just learning about it. But either way, if they knew it and covered it up for two years and didn’t report it or if they’re just learning it now, it does not say anything good about ’em.



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