Liberals Aren’t Happy with Obama’s Limbaugh Theorem Press Conference


Love it when liberals squirm.
Check it out:

They’ve thought it’s been in the bag. They thought that it’s been a fait accompli, winning the House in 2014, and I think they’re beginning to think that that’s not gonna happen. And here’s the thing. Since demonizing the GOP over guns and the sequester has not worked, they’re now getting worried. Demonizing the Republicans over guns and the sequester was supposed to pave the way for winning the House in 2014, and demonizing the Republicans on guns and the sequester has not worked.

That’s why they had to start messing around with the air traffic controllers and creating flight delays and canceling the White House tours. So part and parcel this whole Stack, part and parcel of all these guys expressing their concern, I think, is the media pushing Obama to be more aggressive. That means, since Congress refuses to act on so much of his agenda, that he needs to bypass them again and start issuing even more executive orders. That’s the subtext of this Milbank article. I think what they’re doing…

You know, the press just doesn’t sit there when their guy is screwing up and say, “Okay, he’s screwing up.” They try to fix it for him, and they saw a guy not even there yesterday. They saw a guy not even interested, they saw a guy that looked like he didn’t want to be there, and that really worries ’em. So I think all of these stories today about how rotten he was yesterday — all these stories about how scared everybody is, how detached he was — he’s supposed to hear about them and say, “Oh, yeah? Watch this!” and get back in gear.

I think that’s the purpose of all of these stories.



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