Lawmakers craft game plan on immigration, IRS, AP scandals

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Impeaching Obama sounds like an excellent game plan.
Check it out:

Even though Congress is technically not in session this week, congressional staffers will be working overtime to make sure their bosses have a game plan for tackling tough topics like immigration and the recent IRS scandal when Congress reconvenes on June 3.

Not only will Republicans and Democrats have to deal with thorny issue of immigration reform, they’ll also take up the farm bill and press forward with investigations into the Benghazi terror attacks, the IRS and claims the Justice Department overstepped its authority to quiet the media.

First up, immigration.

Last week, the Senate plan made its way out of a subcommittee but the bill as a whole still faces an uphill battle. The nearly 900-page bill allows 11.5 million people in the country illegally to apply to become registered provision immigrants which would give them the right to work. The far-reaching bill is headed to the full Senate for a vote, where tough battles on gay marriage, border security and the confirmation hearing of former State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland are also on the schedule.



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