Larry Flynt Endorses Mark Sanford (Who Could’ve Used Some Tetracycline)


This race is turning into such a joke.
Check it out:

Oh, yeah, folks. Larry Flynt has decided he’s gonna endorse Mark Sanford for Congress in South Carolina. I met Governor Sanford once at a wedding. A friend of mine got married in Charleston, South Carolina, and Governor Sanford was there. He was a nice guy. You remember him. He fell in love with an Argentine babe and just lost it. He needed that antibiotic. He fits the bill of this story that I’ve got in the stack. I better find this since I’ve referenced it. Let me see… Here it is. I’m lucky today. I dug deep and found the first thing I came across.

“Antibiotic Protects Men from Attractive Women.” This is from Real Clear Science. “Heterosexual men mentally melt in the presence of attractive women. As Tom Jacobs writes in Pacific Standard,” whatever that is, “even the very thought of possibly interacting with a woman is enough to ‘temporarily impede men’s mental abilities.'” Next paragraph: “Of course, women know this, and some use it to their advantage. (Companies also know this, and they use it to their advantage, too: During my years in graduate school, many of the biotech sales reps were unusually attractive women.)

“Men feel more trusting toward women who cause them to be sexually aroused, even if there is no good justification for it — just like when Indiana Jones totally fell for that sexy Nazi chick in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Low-information news, folks. Real Clear Science blog. A real life circumstance they’re writing about is related to what happened in a movie, which was scripted and written. It never did really happen. There is no Indiana Jones; he didn’t fall for a Nazi chick. But Roger Ebert saw it and wrote about it, so it’s real. “Is there a way for men to avoid these devilish ‘honey traps’?”



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