Justice Thomas is Right About the First Black President


Justice Thomas is a dependable conservative.
Check it out:

Clarence Thomas was on C-SPAN. They aired this Tuesday night. He was in Pittsburgh at Duquesne University doing an interview or symposium, and one of the co-moderators was Duquesne University School of Law Professor Ken Gormley. He said to Clarence Thomas, “Did you ever expect to see an African-American president during your lifetime?”

Basically you had to be a leftist, socialist Democrat. No other black could foreseeably possibly be elected president. That’s what he was saying. It had to be Obama. It had to be somebody that comes out of the same enclaves as white elites. His whole point was a black man wasn’t ever gonna be president unless the white elitist structure approved. That was his whole point. That’s what he thought for most of his life.

He ripped the media in this appearance as well, in a sense, because the media is also from the same elite enclaves of the Ivy League, the successful ones are. And you’d have to say he’s got a point. Take a look at Dr. Benjamin Carson. He doesn’t have a prayer — well, he doesn’t have a prayer of being supported by the media, and he is and will be taken apart if he does want to go down that road.



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